Hi Im Harry.png

Just a single girl trying to explore the how to’s and I do’s of the people around her. Does a good relationship still exist?

Have you ever wondered if other people’s relationships are like yours? Good, bad and ugly. Or if you will be single forever? Swipe Left!

I want to talk about it. I want to talk about your relationship and why it has worked for you or why it isn’t working for you. I want to talk to my fellow single ladies (and men!) about their outlook on their futures – will they meet their mate?

As a single woman it can be a bit daunting out there in the dating world. And we are going to talk about that too! I am not a doctor; I am just a woman trying not to lose hope in finding a good relationship by learning from people around her.

Guests can choose to be anonymous if they would like - all I ask is that you be open and honest with me and the listeners. Something you say might just ‘click’ for them and help them have an Ah Ha!moment, give hope to a single girl or even save a marriage!

So let’s do this…let’s break it down…. How did Harry meet Sally?