Episode 2 - Match.com for the Whim!

Meghan was ready to throw the towel in on dating. Feeling like swiping through apps and going on first date after first date just wasn’t working for her, Meghan decided to hit the pause button and do what a lot of women do…. find themselves before they find “him.”

Cut to 6 months later Meghan attended her best friend’s wedding and caught the bouquet! But the fairytale is just beginning. On a whim still feeling the wedding vibes Meghan signed up for Match.com. Who knows exactly what stars aligned that made her toe dip back into the dating pool at that moment but thank god she did. Because little did she know her first date would be her last.

This episode is about how Meghan met Justin and their whirlwind romance that still has them in the honeymoon phase.

Tips and Resources From This Episode: